Please, ask away!

What type of positions do you staff?

We only work with culinary staff. This includes dishwashers, catering delivery drivers, culinary assists or kitchen helpers, dietary aides, servers, cooks, sous chefs, chefs, executive chefs, and private chefs.

Do you provide training?

We do not provide training, as all of our clients expect that each individual is already trained in the industry for their position. If individuals require further training, we recommend that candidates gain more work experience and re-apply.

How much do the jobs pay?

Stellar Culinary Personnel pays hourly, and each position has a range which is based on your experience and the job that the client is requiring you to do. To find out the exact hourly wage for your position, please reach out by email.

Am I required to work certain days or hours?

No. Each individual that works with us has an app on their phone that will keep track of their availability. You can choose which days and times to post your availability, and we will only send you job requests on days that you have marked yourself free to work.

How quickly can I start working?

We typically host orientations several times per week, so once you've submitted your resume and attended an orientation session, we have individuals working as quickly as the same week.

Do I need a SIN to work with Stellar Culinary Personnel?

Yes. You need a valid SIN to legally work at any workplace in Canada.