A Meal for Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is coming up this Sunday, and many people are already beginning to wonder how they should celebrate with the women in their lives. It’s easy to find a gift to give, like some perfume or flowers, and sometimes a simple trip to a mother’s house is cause enough for celebration. What if we brought food into the situation, though? Food is a concept that brings people together, that helps lighten the mood, and what better way to help repay the hard work your maternal figure has put into your life than by filling her stomach?

You might be surprised how many restaurants are accepting reservations for Mother’s Day. Byblos, for example, will offer a prix fixe menu to celebrate this Sunday. Byblos may be considered high-end by some, but the mother in your life certainly deserves a bit of luxury sometimes. But fear not, as there are more casual restaurants in Toronto, like Moxie’s, that will gladly accept a reservation for your May twelfth outings! Even if a restaurant doesn’t offer anything specific for Mother’s Day, there are plenty of places to eat in Toronto, and if you’re able to reserve a spot, you and your family can still have a wonderful brunch!

If eating out isn’t your thing, though, cooking for the mother in your life is just as sweet of a sentiment. You could cook her favorite dish, or find a new dish that she’ll love! Many food blogs are on top of the game, with lists and recipes that are sure to meet her tastes. Food Network Canada offers a wide array of recipes, and lots of sweet treats! Blogs like Taste of Home also compile a hearty grouping of dishes, from potluck fares and finger foods to salads and drinks!

To all the maternal world-changers out there, Happy Mother’s Day! Send some love, even if your mother is far away and can’t make it to your restaurant reservation. They deserve a little something special after all the lives they’ve raised and nurtured.

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