Big Perks for a Temp Worker

There are numerous temp and staffing agencies scattered across North America, and the GTA is no exception. You see the ads hiding in your job search, and you might be tempted to just skim over them. With the Canadian job market remaining as uncertain as ever, considering applying to Adecco or Randstad can seem like a major gamble for your pocket and your career. Taking that leap can be more rewarding than one might initially think, however. Here are a few of many perks of deciding to work in a temp agency.


It can be frustrating when you have enough experience in something to get you noticed in a sea of resumes, but not enough to get you an interview. Luckily, temp work can help give your experience a much-needed boost. It helps you get your foot in the door of your desired industry, and allows you to become comfortable or familiar with the environment. Some clients are even willing to train the right candidate in a software or interface that they might not be as familiar with, and how can that be a bad thing to add to your CV?


The phrase “temp to perm” isn’t a myth, but this perk is more affected by one’s performance than their stamina. Work hard every shift you get, give your coworkers their due respect, and try to mesh well with your supervisors, and you might find yourself with a permanent job offer. Or, if an agency is more contractor-based and isn’t as prone to full employment, then you might still be able to advance in the company, either in pay or in position. Not every supervisor is an employee, after all, and if a client trusts an individual enough, a promotion can be put on the table, contractor or not.


Word of mouth is still a powerful concept, even in the age of technology. One hospital might not be the one to offer you that permanent position, but they might mention your name to their coworkers at another hospital, especially if they too are searching for a candidate. Working a temp job establishes new connections, which can last years. And later on, when you’ve moved on from your temp position, you might find yourself getting a call from an old temp manager offering you a brand new opportunity.


It’s not uncommon for someone to join a staffing agency for the purpose of testing out a new industry. It happens - you spend five years working construction, only to find a sudden urge for a change of scenery. Changing careers is often a daunting task, but temp agencies help soften the blow by allowing you to get your feet wet without having to commit to jumping in the pool. In other words, a temp worker can try working a desk job contract after years in construction, and if they decide the industry just isn’t for them, they only have the length of their contract to conquer instead of multiple decades before retirement.

Temp work is a versatile field that provides many options for the lost job or unsure job seeker. There are many companies to choose from in Toronto, including our own, so feel free to go out there and give them a try if you’re looking for work today. And if you’re here, why not browse the opportunities we have for cooks, chefs, and more! Good luck on your search!

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