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Easter Chocolate.

Have you ever wondered why do we give chocolate egg-shaped or rabbit-shaped during Easter season? If you walk in a mall you will see them on display; all sizes, bright colors, hollows or solid delicious milky chocolate. You do not need to be a kid to like them!

Well, the history of this goodies goes back, way back on time with the evolution of different cultures and traditions.

Egyptians saw eggs as a symbol of death and rebirth 3000 BC. Later on the 16th century Christianity related the egg shells as a remembrance of Jesus’ death, staining them with red color. Also the Lenten tradition for Western and Eastern Christians prohibited eating meat, eggs and diary so they used to give the eggs to the kids to play and decorate them.

It was until 1873 that J.S. Fry & Sons of England introduced the first chocolate Easter egg in England (they were also the ones who made the first chocolate bar).

Then… how is the bunny related to all this??? The Easter Bunny is a legendary creature originated in Germany, among the Lutherans around 1680’s. The Rabbit who lives in the grass and carries decorated eggs and sometimes toys; also evaluates the children’s behavior. As time passed by we have adopted the tradition, so, here we go… Chocolate bunny!!! What is your favorite?

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