The Unsung Heroes: Dishwashers

Writing a clean resume is important for attracting potential employers. Why is it, then, that putting down a clean-centered job like a dishwasher can be glazed over by various recruiters? The position of dishwasher is often misrepresented, as many people who have never worked the position might just imagine a person standing at a sink like they would at home, casually scrubbing coffee stains off of a mug. Being a dishwasher is far more strenuous than washing dishes in your own kitchen, however, leaving long-time dishwasher with much more needed respect.

Whether they work for a fine dining establishment or a fast food chain, dishwashers need stamina and strength. If they are using an industrial dishwasher, they need to puzzle together the different dishes into the washing trays so that each round of washing uses the most of the space provided. This is especially important in restaurants that use plates, cutlery, and glass, as a careless configuration or cramming of too many dishes at once could cause rattling, and perhaps even cost a broken piece of eating ware.

Even if a kitchen uses a traditional sink, the two or three compartments of washing, rinsing, and sanitizing need to be monitored in temperature as well as cleanliness. This means that the dishwasher will not only be surrounded by hot water and juggling their dirty dishes for the better part of their shift, but will also be twisting, moving, and bending for that shift as well. During busier periods, the dishwasher isn’t able to simply stop and take a break, which makes their position exhausting at times.

Playing the part of a dishwasher is crucial to the restaurant, however. One could even say that they are the backbone of the establishment. Without their speed and attention to detail (or, in this case, food scraps), the restaurant or fast food place would not be able to efficiently serve their guests. A good and quick dishwasher alone could be a key part of a restaurant’s success! So make sure to give your dishwasher friends or neighbors some love! And if you’re a dishwasher looking for more work, send us your resume on our website. We would love to hear from you!

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